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Repeat Dispensing
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Repeat Dispensing

Allisons Chemist holds a number of prescriptions on the behalf of their patients and operates a scheme called Repeat Dispensing.

In this scheme, the surgery prepares a set number of repeat prescriptions (usually between three and twelve months).  We hold on to these repeat prescriptions and you come to the pharmacy rather than the surgery when you need your next supply.  If you use your medication regularly, we will have your next repeat dispensing prescription ready for when you next need it.  Many patients like to ring ahead, to make sure that their repeat dispensing prescription is available to collect.

At the end of your issues, you will need to contact your surgery and they may or may not want to see you before issuing your next batch.  We will notify you when we dispense your last prescription.

Patients who use this system find it far more convenient than having to contact the surgery each time they need their medication.  If you think that this system would suit you, then you can ask in the shop or at your surgery to see if they are happy to put you on the repeat dispensing scheme.

Here we have a link to a leaflet that explains the scheme in greater detail.