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our new healthera app

We are delighted to announce that we’ve taken the plunge and decided to invest in an app.


There are many reasons why we decided to make this move, but in essence it boils down to a few main ones.


If you order medication via the app then we can see if a prescription has been ordered and therefore if it has arrived within the designated timeframe.


We can see if all of the items you requested end up on the prescription.


There is an audit trail where it is clear that if you ordered your prescription via our app then that is where you want it to go.


Any potential issues can then be raised with your registered surgery, resulting in a better outcome for you the patient.


We can communicate with you via the app and vice versa, saving the need for phone calls where this isn’t necessary or convenient for either party.


The app is feature rich and developed and managed by a company called Healthera who have a proven track record in this area (


Once signed up you will see that it has many of the same features apps like MyGP and Patient Access have. It does not have access to your medical records/notes but can access your prescription history, but it’s in-built link to us as a pharmacy makes it in my opinion the most rounded app for prescription ordering. By having this app you don’t have to stop using the other apps.


Some of the main features are:


  • Manage your medication from within the app with dose reminders and re-order reminders

  • Re-order for dependents you care for (dependent on you having consent)

  • Orders go straight into the GP surgery workflow and we can see what has been ordered

  • You can see when your order has been received and processed

  • We notify you when your prescription is ready to collect


In order to use the app to order medication you need a ‘linkage key’. If you already have patient access you can get it by following the instructions in this link:


If you don’t already use an app you can request your ‘linkage key’ and patient ID from your surgery. The process for Castlegate & Derwent Surgery is outlined in this link:


I know that this sounds like a lot to digest but not everyone will have to complete all of these steps.


I hope that this app will really help to improve the whole process of patients ordering their prescriptions and us all knowing what has happened to the prescription.


The app can be downloaded from the following and then add ‘Allison’s Chemist’ as your pharmacy:

Here is a short video overview of the process using the app

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