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Allisons Chemist has products available to help you quit smoking. There are two main ways, which you can go about quitting using a pharmacy:

  • Purchasing You Own Nicotine Replacement

  • Using Our Smoking Cessation Service

However you decide to quit is up to you. Every smoker is different, and will require differing levels of support.

Allison’s Chemist can help you quit with the Stop Smoking Service. This is an NHS service commissioned by the county council.

Despite the financial and health-related benefits, quitting is difficult as the nicotine is so addictive and kicking the habit can be a daunting challenge. The Stop Smoking Service offers individuals the support and encouragement they need to quit smoking and could be your key to a smoke-free life.


The Stop Smoking Service offers regular one-to-one appointments with a trained pharmacist. The Stop Smoking Service is tailored to individual requirements and includes regular private consultations, nicotine replacement therapy, carbon monoxide tests and advice on managing cravings. We can help you to identify your smoking habits and choose the method that will best suit you. Regular appointments will help keep your resolve strong and provide support in conquering cravings.

The provision of Nicotine Replacement Therapy basically follows the pricing structure of NHS prescriptions.

If you pay for your prescriptions, the cost as of the 1st April 2018 is £8.80 per item. If you do not pay for your prescription, you will sign the declaration to receive the product without being charged.


For more information about stopping smoking please follow this link

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